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Message from our President

PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND SOLUTIONS LTD. was established on December 1, 2015 as a construction and real estate consulting firm.

In recent years, industries dramatically evolve by the birth of loT and Al, and accordingly what is needed and value in modern society get complicated and diversified. Problems faced and requests made by customers are substantially changing with these change in the stream of the times.

We, PM Solutions, are the team of specialists with project management theory, specialized knowledge and considerable experiences.

We grasp market movement and trends, develop strategies with a view of the whole project, and develop tactics adopting concrete steps. Thus, we provide the best solutions to every issue faced by customers from planning stage of a business project to construction work, operation and maintenance and repair work of facilities.

We have strong desire that “we want to be a company which may solve as many customers' problems as possible and respond to as many customers' requests as possible.”

While it has not been long since our establishment, we could accumulate experiences of various projects over 500 cases by responding to respective problems and difficulties of customers.

We are so grateful that such experiences are due to understanding and trust of each customer.

Further, we aim to be a company which remains to be nearest from customers, with the motto of“treatment in careful manner”and“from each customers’perspective.”

CEO Representative Director
Mizushima Nozomu

PM+S Corporate Philosophy & Principles of Conduct

For a problem solution as the nearest existence of each customer, we provide necessary value and service to customers and society.

Corporate Profile

Company Name



December 1, 2015


50 million Yen


Mizushima Nozomu, President & CEO

Business Sites
Head Office

Kanda Seven Building 3F, 3-23-5 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047
TEL: +81-3-5577-5634 (main switchboard)


Yazaki Corporation,Yazaki Energy System Corporation,Yazaki Parts Co.,Ltd.

Registered Licenses

Registered Architect Office,Real Estate Transaction Business Agent

Intellectual Property

Roof collapse prevention metal fittings Registration No.3203568: utility model registration

Member organization

Tokyo Building Owners and Managers Association,
Project Management Association of Japan,Construction Management Association of Japan

Primary Business Partners

Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kobori Research Complex Inc., Oyo Corporation, Kirii Construction Materials Co., Ltd. Others

Major Customers

YazakiGroup、Myanmar;Ministry of Foreign Affair、Health Sciences University of Hokkaido、KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.、HIGASHIYAMA KOGYO CO., LTD.、YOTSUKURAZAIMOKUTEN Co.,Ltd.、The Shizuoka Shimbun、Shizuoka Broadcasting System、ACHILLES CORPORATION、Natori Industry Co.,Ltd.、AOITEC Co., Ltd.

Status of Qualifications Held

Project Management Professional (PMI)/Project Management Coordinator(PMI)/APEC architect/First Class Architect/Managing Architect/Supervising Engineer/First Class Building Works Execution Manager/Building Services Architect/ Building Construction management Engineer for Seismic Isolation Interface and Devices/CFT construction management engineers/Authorized Concrete engineer/Member of American Society for Interior Designers/Interior planner/Real Estate Transaction Specialist/Fundamental Information Technology Engineer


3-minute walk from Kanda Station (JR Line , Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)